e- Political Guru was formed with a cause of providing meaningful contribution to any political party or a Politician. We formed a team with Young and Dynamic professionals who like to participate in making a meaningful contribution to current political affairs and governance of our country. We help political parties and new young Politician’s who would like to make their entry into politics and use high insights of digital and geographical Voter data analysis.

e- Political Guru provides political consulting, Geo Data Analytics, technical and communication services to well-established as well as aspiring political leaders, political parties and organizations within the parties. Thus, helping in bridging the gap between the Voter & the Leader by providing, in-depth understanding of Data constituency Wise, Booth Wise and the perception of the constituents in many dimensions.

We Provide right information flow, Booth Profiling, Voter Profiling, High end Data Analysis, Corrective Measures, Defect Analysis, Socio economic voter profiling, Demographic bird eye view of the area and survey. This will give empowerment to our contestant over the opponents to draw a clear picture of strategy and implementation at the ground level.

Our Software products are extremely user friendly and can be accessed on a mobile phone with a single click we can enable the whole insights of any Booth of that contestant and Political Party. We can customize our products accordingly depending upon a Political Leader or Party. Our best practices and latest techniques provide in sights to Political Parties and Political Leaders about their Brand Building, popularity, creativity and innovation. We design, develop and manage small documentary films projecting the development work done in past and the vision of the future, managing websites and social blogs, SMS campaigns, Whatsapp campaigns, publicity material development, electronic media with vigorous use of call centre technics to give a human touch to all voters. We provide Geographical aeronautic view about concentration of Booths constituency wise and analysing density of population to figure canvassing methods for better results.

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