The e- Political Guru team has a vast experience in working with various old and new political leaders and political parties/sectors.

We have – completed various surveys in about 5,000 Polling Booths all over Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka etc.,

  • Highly experienced in collecting field level data at the grass route level.
  • Touch based 25 Million Voters by making Telephonic call in the last two Parliamentary/Assembly/Corporators elections held.
  • Highly Sophisticated Data Science Analytical tools for Data Collection – Quantitative Data Collection, Telephonic Surveys, Online Surveys, Push and Pull SMS, WHATSAPP Messages, FACEBOOK/ TWITTER/INSTAGRAM/ YOUTUBE etc., Social media Page Maintenance and advertisement.
  • GEO Coding Analysis with advanced GIS Mapping has been done in the past Parliamentary Elections for 2 Big Political Parties.
  • Highly Experienced team available to deliver and develop the above.
  • Specialised services on strategy consulting and campaign management services available.

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